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How to Homeschool Your Kids as Christians

If you’ve been paying attention to the news in your school district, you may be wondering how to homeschool your kids. Adding the Christian faith into your kids’ studies is also essential in today’s secular, godless society.

Homeschool vs. Public School

If you’re wondering how to homeschool your kids, or even if you should, just think of all of the things going on in the public schools today. Things that should make you want to keep your kids out of today’s public schools.

Issues like transgender kids, what bathrooms to use, what sports to play, are just a few issues that Christian families should hope to avoid. Other concerns include the public school curriculum, like “Common Core,” “Critical Race Theory” or teaching evolution as fact.

Some public schools don’t say the “Pledge of Allegiance” to the American flag anymore either. I’ve even read of some public schools replacing the Stars and Stripes for the rainbow flag and insist their students pledge to that flag in the mornings.

Patriotism isn’t in the curriculum like it was back when I was in school. And forget Bible classes in the public schools. That’s been virtually non-existent since the 60s.

You Can Learn How to Homeschool Your Kids

Not everyone can afford to send their kids to a private Christian school. But you can learn how to homeschool your kids. I know I wasn’t able to, so my kids had to go to public schools. Fortunately, none of the nonsense in the public schools today were there back in the 80s and 90s when my kids were still in school.

Also, I was a single mom without child support. Working two jobs didn’t leave much time to homeschool my kids. That, and I hadn’t graduated high school myself, so I didn’t feel as though I was educated enough to teach my kids.

Things are different today, though. Technology caught up to homeschooling families so you can find just about everything you need using a computer. You can access online programs and learn about your state’s laws on homeschooling.


You can find associations or co-ops of other families that teach their kids from home. These co-ops help others who are just getting into the concept of homeschooling so they don’t have to go it alone.

Homeschool Kids-Class Field Trips and Recess

Do you have a play gym in your back yard? If so, there’s your recess area! And if you don’t, maybe another family in your co op does and you can take your kids to their house.

You may be fortunate enough to live within walking distance to a local park or playground you can go to for recess and gym class.

If you get involved in a local co op, you can connect with other families and plan group outings for field trips or “play dates” as an alternative to traditional recess.

how-to-homeschool-your-kids two girls playing outside

My cousin homeschools a couple of her grandkids now. She gets together with her one daughter who also homeschools her kids and they take the kids to museums, parks, and other places for their field trips.

You can schedule time out of the day to be outdoors with your kids for play time, or recess. You may need the break as much as your kids, depending on the kids or even how many kids you have in your home classroom.

My cousin homeschooled all eight of her kids and many families at our church, with more than two or three kids, homeschool theirs too.

What About Gym, Home Ec, Shop, and Other Classes?

Depending on where you live and your availability to outside resources, some of these extra classes that go beyond reading, writing, and arithmetic, may pose a challenge to some families.

In that case, you just need to get creative. Kids need to learn more than just the basic skills. If you connect with other homeschooling families, some of them may have workshops for wood and metal shop classes.

Others may have great cooks or seamstresses in the family to be in charge of Home Ec, if they’re even still calling it that.

As they get older, you may even be able to designate a parent or two to get involved in teaching auto mechanics.

Cyberschool as an Alternative to Homeschooling

If you don’t feel like you can properly teach your child by yourself, you can always opt for cyberschool. Cyberschool is an online public school and most are free for residents of that particular public school system.

As long as you have a decent computer and printer, cyberschool may be a good choice for your family. Like with homeschooling, you simply add the extra classes and events into the school day. Your children get their basic education via the computer and an online connection.

In fact, this is probably a great alternative for those families who work from home full time. While you’re working, your kids are at home in an online school. You obviously still need to pay attention to what they’re learning since it’s still the public school curriculum.

But being at home with your kids as they learn what they should be learning and not what the government thinks they should learn, is ultimately more beneficial than sending your kids off to be “indoctrinated” by the public school system.

What are your thoughts? Do you homeschool your kids?

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