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Are Throw Pillows in Style?

If you’re wondering are throw pillows in style, the answer is YES! They can make your home décor colors pop just by tossing a couple of them on the sofa or chair. They can make your bedroom look cozy and comfy too.

Staging Your Home for Sale or Getting Rid of Clutter

Many staging artists who prep a house to show prospective buyers use a variety of decorative pillows. They’re used to accent furniture and overall décor. One of the most critical parts of staging a house is minimalism; removing clutter and all unnecessary items.

The goal is to bring the home to life using sparse pieces of furniture by adding color and dimension to the pieces, often using throw pillows.

What if you’re not selling your home, but you’re paring down to just the essentials and redecorating?

Decorative Throw Pillows for a Sofa

You can turn even the blandest piece of furniture into something eye-catching just by tossing on a couple of throw pillows. If you have a couch with a patterned design, use solid color pillows; for solid color sofas, use patterned or printed pillows.

Use the same concept throughout your home to bring boring pieces to life or just to add a little brightness to an otherwise dull area.

Accent Pillows for Chairs

Do you have accent chairs in your home? Maybe in a corner or an alcove where you like to sit and read? When you’re not in that room, or you’re staging your house for visitors, bring out the accent colors of the area with throw pillows on the chairs.

are-throw-pillows-in-style-accent chairs

Decorative Throw Pillows for Beds

Are throw pillows in style for bedrooms? Of course they are! Again, professional staging artists love using a variety of accent pillows on beds to bring out the less dominant color in the room, or to soften darker colors.


For everyday living, while your bedroom isn’t an area that most guests will see, you can make that room more cozy and inviting for yourself. Maybe you like sitting on your bed with your morning coffee to read or pray. A nice throw comes in handy for an added touch of comfort.

are-throw-pillows-in-style pillow on a bed

Decorative Throw or Accent Pillows Are in Style

And I suspect they always will be. They’re such versatile pieces you can toss into any room in your house. You can use them to highlight an area, give dull pieces a splash of color or use them as a way to express your faith.

Every design we make for t-shirts is also available on decorative throw pillows. So if you love one of the designs but you don’t particularly like t-shirts or sweatshirts, get that design on a pillow instead and toss it onto your favorite sitting area.

What are your thoughts on throw pillows? Love ’em? Hate ’em? We want to know!

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