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Romans Road to Salvation

Are you walking the Romans Road to Salvation or struggling on your own road? Has using the Bible as a guide to ethics, common decency, and plain old-fashioned horse sense all become relics in America? Let’s just say, it is not looking good.

What Road Are We On Today?

In the last few years, we have witnessed a woman who drowned her children just to keep her rich boyfriend. An ice skating competitor who had the legs of her top rival broken so she could win. We have seen a mother hire a hitman to eliminate her daughter’s competition in baton twirling championships.

Another man destroyed his pregnant wife to be able to play the field and live the life of a playboy. Perhaps the most unbelievable of all was a woman who killed a pregnant woman then cut her open and stole her unborn baby.

I take exception with those who take exception with me for saying that we have a nation of potential criminals and crackpots in our own children. They are on the wrong road.

Our Children and Their Children are on the Wrong Road

We have created this dangerous potential by giving our children anything and everything they want or ask for. When they get out in the real world, one where they must work and fend for themselves, suddenly the silver platter is withdrawn and the reality is too much to handle for some. Today we call them “snowflakes.”

We imitate and borrow from the language of the greedy with our preoccupation with the prosperity gospel of today’s preachers. You will be just as likely to find some of today’s churches teaching us how to invest our money as much as how to get saved. That’s not walking the Romans Road to Salvation.

Being born again is mocked and set aside in favor of instruction in the stock market, retirement funds and get-rich-quick schemes. Adding to this, modern psychology, sociology and other behavioral and environmental scientists have repeatedly warned us that poverty leads to crime and social upheaval of every kind.

You can only imagine what America would look like if virtually every extra and almost all essentials were at a premium, if they could be found at all. It does not paint a very good picture.

The Story of Sodom-Straying Off Romans Road

The ancient city of Sodom was rebuked by the prophet Ezekiel. Everyone knows the sins of ancient Sodom but in Ezekiel’s rebuke, the root cause for Sodom’s sin is revealed. In Ezekiel’s rebuke there is a warning for us to recognize the same cause festering in our land today.

“Look, this was the iniquity of your sister Sodom: She and her daughter had pride, fullness of food, and abundance of idleness; neither did she strengthen the hand of the poor and needy.” Ezekiel 16:49

Ezekiel’s rebuke comes to my mind every time I hear someone refuse to give a few dollars to a children’s organization because they think the child won’t get all the money. But no one seems to even notice, much less demand a tax refund when a four hundred million dollar Jupiter probes go haywire and becomes useless.

Movies are made that cost hundreds of millions of dollars to produce, whose messages and images would be better left in a garbage can. Tax money is spent on everything from the study of the flow of ketchup to the nocturnal habits of lesbians. Lust and waste are rampant in every level of society and government, while personal responsibility and prudent stewardship is now an ethical relic of sorts. Where does it end?

The Romans Road Leads to Salvation and Peace

I have no doubt that the chastisements of America will be the sudden and complete removal of nearly all essential goods and personal wealth. Something on the order of the dust bowl and the stock market crash combined, but multiplied many times over will soon befall this country. How this will come about is not certain but that is not my concern at this moment.

I would prefer to see millions of Americans coming to their senses and turning back to God in humility and thereby avoiding these great warnings. More people need to be shown the direction to the Romans Road of Salvation, even if it’s just by wearing a t-shirt or hoodie, carrying a tote bag, or showing off a new piece of wall art, pillow, or coffee mug.

coffee mug with romans road design

It’s not going to be easy, but then, to quote our pastor, “Easy is the enemy of what is right.

What road are you and your kids on?

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