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Faith, Family, and Freedom in the 21st Century

Have you noticed the erosion of faith, family, and freedom today? I have. We’re in “pride” month; we’re coming up on Father’s Day, and Independence Day is right around the corner.

Now stop and think about all the changes in society and how the radical left seems to be doing everything it can to erode the basic values that built this nation and kept families strong.

And that’s why some of our Christian t-shirts are rather direct in their messages of faith, as well as patriotism and freedom.

Faith, Family, and Freedom: Slipping Away Today

Let’s start with Faith. By faith, I mean faith in the Lord God Almighty. Faith in His Words in the Bible, and faith that when you pray to Jesus, He hears you.

School coaches are reprimanded if they huddle their players for prayer before a game. Some kids are openly mocked for their faith by other non-believing kids in school. Kids who pray silently for their meals in the cafeteria are looked at with scorn. God bless those kids who persevere and carry on with their prayers anyway!

And God bless the parents who pull their kids out of these secular, public schools and enroll them in private Christian schools or homeschool them with faith-based curriculum.

Lack of Protection for Our Children

Have you seen or heard about the latest? I won’t play it here, but look on YouTube or Google “drag queens and kids.” It’s horrifically despicable what leftists will endorse and promote. Who thought this was a good idea?

Oh, yes, the Alphabet People. Some call it “grooming.” Some call it entertainment. I call it CHILD ABUSE. Plain and simple child abuse. And not just by the “queens” flaunting themselves in front of little kids. How about the parents who took their kids to a gay nightclub to watch this stuff?

Removing Prayer from Public Schools

But we can still pray in school; what do you mean it was banned? Yes, you can still pray privately and silently. However, public schools no long sanction prayer or Bible reading in regular classes.

We can thank atheist, Madalyn Murray O’Hair for that, and the Supreme Court at the time for allowing her lawsuits to go through, and for agreeing with her through their misunderstanding and misinterpretation of the First Amendment.

As it turns out, when her son grew up, he became a Christian, disavowing all that his mother stood for.

“…after declaring publicly in 1980 that he found atheism to be unfulfilling, he wrote a book describing his mother in unflattering terms. He later wrote a book, “Let Us Pray: A Plea for Prayer for Our Public Schools (1995),” disavowing the famous 1963 Supreme Court decision.”

Family: Eroding the Foundation of a Strong Society and Nation

“Erosion occurs when the forces of the environment eat away the foundation on which we are relying.” (Source: Pastor Brian Moss)

Ms. O’Hair divorced her husband and raised her son as a single mother – as a single atheist mother – and raised her son as an atheist. That didn’t turn out very well for her, and after her death, her son turned to Jesus.

Fathers – strong, Bible-believing, moral fathers are critical to our nation’s survival. Keep that in mind as we come up on Father’s Day.

But don’t tell Democrats or leftists that. They want to erode our families, to be sure. That’s why there’s such an incentive for single mothers to stay single mothers and live off the government instead of being helped by a hard-working dad.

Faith, Family, and Freedom: Our Freedoms are On the Line Today

We’ve seen Christian YouTube channels, Facebook pages, and the like, cancelled during this whole “cancel culture” phenomenon. This secular, God-hating culture wants to silence the truth by calling our freedom of speech “hate speech,” speech that needs to be muffled.

There is no legitimate “hate speech,” to be real. It’s only “hate” speech when someone on the left doesn’t like it. And if they don’t like it, they don’t seem to have the brain cells to simply not listen to it. Period.

They know their computers or phones have BACK buttons so they can move off of whatever it is that’s offending them at the moment. That’s the right thing to do. Censorship does not belong in the United States of America.

Nobody has a “right” to not be offended. That’s just life. That’s a fact. Nobody’s forcing you watch that video or read that blog post. Just because you don’t like it doesn’t mean others won’t like it either.

Yes, we have Freedom of Speech in this country. It’s called the First Amendment. Are there consequences to speaking out publicly? Absolutely. However, it’s the speaker’s choice to voice his opinion and he must accept the consequences of that speech.

But you don’t face the consequences of disallowing a willing audience to even hear that speech in the first place. That’s called Communism. It doesn’t fare well in a free society.

faith-family-and-freedom-mom-and-boy posing for the camera

“As the family goes, so goes the nation.”

Resource: PointofView.net

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