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Cricut Hacks! Three Space-Saving, Money-Saving Hacks!

We crafters are all about Cricut hacks that save us space and money. And YouTube crafters are the best when it comes to figuring these things out.

I just shot a short video today demonstrating the latest hacks I used to save money and space in one of the projects I did today that required a 12 x 24 mat, which I don’t have right now.

Hack #1: Make a 12 x 24 with 12 x 12s!

Tape two 12 x 12 mats, end to end, and you have a 12 x 24 mat that works great, saving you money!

Hack #2: DIY Extension to Support Longer Mats

You can find already-made extension supports for your Cricut or other cutting machine you may have, but handy crafters kind of like doing things for ourselves. So while looking for an extension, one of these crafters already had a video showing how to build one! So I did!

The extension is in two pieces. One piece slides under the Cricut machine and extends out to support the 12 x 12 mat. The second piece slides into the first piece to lengthen it and support the longer mat.

cricut hacks extension 1 cricut hacks extension 2 cricut hacks extension 3

Hack #3: Save Space with #3 of Our Cricut Hacks!

A space-saving hack for me is using the back of my self-healing mat as a support for the longer mat in the machine. Now I don’t have to use all of the space on my table when I need to use the longer mats. When the mat forwards to the back of the machine, instead of it catching on the wall and on anything I have on my pegboard, it just easily slides right up the other mat!

I plan to replace the big mat in the back with a nice, smooth piece of posterboard, but I needed something today that would work; saved me space, money, AND time! Now I don’t have to turn my machine to the side and use up my entire work table when using 12 x 24 mats!

cricut hack 3

Thanks for stopping by and Happy Crafting!

Thanks to the fellow Crafters out there for their helpful DIY Cricut Hacks videos!

1. Make one 12 x 24 Cricut mat from two 12 by Lyrical River Designs

2. DIY Cricut Mat Support by Barbara DeNunzio

3. Back of machine extension for 12 x 24 mats by Kelly Rossouw

Do you have any crafty Cricut hacks to share? Comment below!

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