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Family T-shirt Ideas for Christians

If you’re looking for some family t-shirt ideas for your Christian family, you’re in the right place to get started.

Family T-shirt Ideas for Church and Sunday School

There are a lot of searches for the term “church clothes” out on Google. The results are stylish dresses for women and nice suits or casual and crisp slacks and shirts for men. The old phrase “Sunday Go To Meetin’ Clothes” comes to mind when I see those pictures.

When I was growing up, you didn’t dare go to church in anything less than your best. Women wore modest dresses that never rose above the middle of the knee and closed up to the neck. Some women wore stylish but not obnoxious hats too. The men all donned their starched and pressed suits with matching ties.

image of 50s era couple dressed for church

There was a major downside to adhering to those dress codes for church, though. Those who couldn’t afford to “dress up” on Sundays just didn’t go to church. They stayed home and some even thought of “church people” as arrogant and snobbish. Some would even stare at us when we walked out of the house. Who could blame them, right?

Family T-shirt Ideas to Replace Traditional Church Clothes

Some of the clothes and outfits seen in churches today wouldn’t exactly be called your “Sunday’s Best” back in the day. Our church-going ancestors would think, ‘Why do you wear your play clothes to church?’

However, people from long ago who wouldn’t dare go to church in their worn-out clothes would probably think, ‘That’s more like it. Now I can feel like I fit in and be comfortable!’

But Not in All Churches…

Obviously, not all churches have adopted this almost anything goes attitude for what their congregation wears on Sundays. Those looking for family t-shirt ideas no doubt want to wear them outside of the church.

But there are churches with larger congregations whose love for the Lord is more important than how they look. And I love that about our church!

Come As You Are – Everyone Welcome-Even Families in T-shirts

It took some getting used to, I’ll admit, considering how I grew up. During the first few visits to our new church, I still wore my “nicest” or newest jeans with what I would call an “appropriate-for-church” nice top. My husband wore his nicest sports shirts and jeans too.

Gone are the days of saving your best for Sundays when it comes to your wardrobe. No more pulling on stockings and checking for runs during the service, or making sure your hair and makeup are exactly perfect. Those outfits are saved for weddings!

But for church, we can all sit comfortably and do what we’re supposed to do – pay attention to the Word being taught that morning, not what we or anyone else is wearing.

Here Are Other Family T-shirt Ideas for Christians

If you want everyone in the family to match, choose one design that everyone likes and get one in each size. You can obviously wear any of these designs to almost any event, even a wedding if it’s going to be a very casual event.

Going on an outing or a vacation? You can all wear the same design, or mix it up and each wears something different.

three girls in matching eternity t-shirts

You can have the same or similar design but on different color t-shirts. Family t-shirt ideas are endless! And wearing your faith where everyone can see it, that’s a bonus as you spread the Word of the Lord in your community and within your own family.

Do you or your family ever wear matching t-shirts? Why or why not? Inquiring minds want to know!

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