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Bible Verse T-shirts with a Sense of Humor

What we love about Bible verse t-shirts is that you can find just about anything in the Bible to put into a graphic. Read through Proverbs some time and you can have a good laugh.

You just wouldn’t believe what you’ll find in The Good Book, proving that Jesus and His followers sure had a sense of humor! Why not display that humor on Bible verse t-shirts, hoodies, mugs, or tote bags? Did you know there was a Bible verse about vegetarians or vegans?

t-shirt with bible verse about vegans or vegetarians

Bible verse t-shirts help make that first impression quietly whenever you meet someone for the first time. For example, you can make a conscious statement about your personality by the colors you like to wear or the Bible verses you like on your shirts. Really, Christians don’t have to dress in the latest fashion trends or in suits, ties, and dresses all the time.

In fact, if you regularly attend a non-traditional Christian church, you may find that even the pastor steps up to the pulpit in a graphic t-shirt.

Cover to Cover Bible Verses for Christian T-shirts

Just about all of our designs reference the Bible in some way or another. Sometimes it’s a verse we found quite humorous or just an opinion backed by God’s Word. Add the referenced passage to a graphic design and express your faith visually.

From Genesis through Revelation, there are thousands of great quotes and inspirational sayings. We use those to make up our designs for t-shirts and other Christian merch, like tote bags.

tote bag with bible verse about vegans or vegetarians

Lead Someone to Jesus with Graphics!

If you’re a Christian, you may have heard about the Romans Road to Salvation. You don’t need to have your Bible on hand everywhere you go either. Download a Bible app on your cellphone, read your shirt and look up the passages.

Wear your t-shirt to the gym, out shopping, to an auction, anywhere a t-shirt is appropriate. You never know; someone could be reading your shirt and looking up the passages on their phone app!

t-shirt with Romans Road to Salvation graphic and Bible verses

Salvation starts with planting the seed and sharing the Word of God can’t be any easier than having your favorite Bible verses be seen out in the world. They help start a conversation about Jesus with people you meet in your travels.

What are your favorite Bible verses about Salvation?

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