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Band T-shirts for Worship Teams

Would your Worship Team members wear band T-shirts? Our church’s team members would!

One Sunday, every Worship Team member walked out wearing a black tee with white lettering – even the pastor’s wife. The words were all something our pastor had said or things he likes. Our violinist’s t-shirt said, “Bring Back the Chalupa!” Our pastor loves Taco Bell and they’d just built a new store across the street from the church.

The team did it for the pastor’s birthday, and everybody got a kick out of it, even the pastor thought it was funny!

Ideas for Band T-shirts for Worship Teams

Not all churches are modern with bands instead of the traditional choirs. Our Worship Team has 8-10 regular members. Instruments include 4-5 guitars, keyboard, violin, and of course, drums.

Some of the team members wear Christian t-shirts all the time; others only once in a while, like on the pastor’s birthday. But worship team members can wear band t-shirts any time, not just on Sundays.

Wearing faith-based band t-shirts during the week, when visiting other non-traditional churches or special events anywhere, can open the door to planting the seed of God’s Word by talking to them about music.

Here’s a video of our church’s Worship Team. They are awesome! Many in our church say the Worship Team is one of the things that keeps bringing them back week after week.

Not All Churches Have Bands

But I’m glad ours does! The first time we visited our church, we walked into the sanctuary and saw a band on stage – the Worship Team – consisting of 8 to 10 band members with an acoustic guitar, electric guitar, bass, keyboard, and a violin.

My husband and I looked at each other because neither of us had seen anything like that before. The churches we grew up in used the old-time heavy hymnals, one piano and/or one organ playing and we all stood up to sing.

This was completely different. It was like going to a live concert – in church! The lyrics to the songs were displayed on three huge monitors in the front of the sanctuary and the whole congregation stood up and sang along, clapping hands, and some dancing in place. It was awesome!

There are no choir lofts and I’ve never seen a hymnal anywhere in the church building. We don’t need them. Everything is digital now; the band plays contemporary worship music with a sound guy in the back of the church.

Contemporary Worship Music Makes Old Hymns Sound Better

I grew up in a Baptist church. The hymns were chosen before the service and the hymnal page numbers were displayed on a board in front of the sanctuary.

The congregation stood and dutifully turned to the correct page in the hymnal. The piano or organ played and we all started singing – sort of.

Sad to say, but honestly, as a young person, it was probably the most boring part of the whole service. All of the songs seemed to be slow, long, and drawn out.

I was yawning before the songs were over and had no inspiration to follow along with the sermon that followed. I always thought, ‘Why does church music have to be so uninspiring?’

Fast Forward 40 Years…Maybe We’ll See More Band T-shirts!

Today when I go to church, even the classic hymn “The Old Rugged Cross” is upbeat with the keyboard, violin, and drums while still being a spiritual and reverent song. Songs like “Amazing Grace” and “I Have Decided” are adapted with an extra chorus to bring the songs up to date.

I never thought I’d enjoy – no, love – listening to “Jesus music.” But now – I even have a contemporary worship music playlist on a flash drive for my car stereo because worshiping the Lord with music isn’t just for Sundays in church.

And maybe another event will present itself and we’ll see our Worship Team walk out onto the stage in brand new band t-shirts!

Does your church have a Worship Team band?

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