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Faith-Based T-Shirts DO Make a Statement

Faith-based t-shirts DO make a statement. They tell people a little about the way you think and feel, and it’s definitely part of the first impression you make when you meet someone.

If you wear all black, that says one thing; if you only wear bright colors, that says something else. So what if there were a way to make a conscious statement, a way to signal your faith in a trendy, cool way.

Faith Based T-Shirts are ‘Witness Wear’

Christians have long come up with unique ways of sharing their faith, or “witnessing” to other people about their faith. Faith-based t-shirts have been a very popular witnessing medium. Such “witness-wear” is a great way to share your faith with the people you see every day.

Faith Based Words or Images

Most of the apparel features both a Word message and relevant graphics. There are so many great Christian t-shirt designs today for men, women, girls, boys, and even toddlers. Since most t-shirts are read an average of 3,000 times in their lifetime, it is easy to see how you can wear your faith without even saying a word – even on hoodies!

Christian faith-based t-shirts not only promote the glorification of God, but they also do so with a style that appeals to young people who like graphic tees that are fitted, with edgy, current styles. There are plenty of these other clothing lines available that promote drugs, violence, sex, alcohol, negative attitudes, offensive language, and even atheism.

However, faith-based Christian t-shirts provide an alternative. Christians can make a positive difference in the world by spreading the message of Christ and by living the example of the teachings of Christ through what they wear.

Who Wears These Faith-Based T-Shirts?

Trendy t-shirt designs are also worn by Christian worship bands, pastors, and even style-making top famous athletes. These aren’t shy, wallflower t-shirts, but bold and provocative, setting the trends in today’s witness-wear.

Christians can be very creative when it comes to ways to share their faith and act as witnesses to others. Clothing is a popular medium, and custom t-shirts take the possibilities of Christian-themed t-shirts in spreading the Word very seriously.

They provide cutting-edge designs with eye-catching graphics paired up with messages from the Bible. These designs are great choices for young, hip, stylish Christians who want to walk the talk every day, sharing their faith and inspiring curiosity from those hungry for the Word of God.

Christian t-shirts have come a long way in recent years and many really cool shirts are now available. Some of the coolest Christian tee shirts display actual verses from the Bible. There are also other great Christian tees that are based on Bible stories and events.

The bottom line is that there are a variety of styles and colors of really neat Christian, faith-based t-shirts to choose from today.

Some of the most popular faith-based t-shirts actually poke fun at some of the Bible stories, especially Moses and Noah. Yes, we Christians do have a sense of humor!


Do you have a favorite design or a favorite way of sharing your faith? Leave a comment below!

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