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God Winks – What Are They?

God winks happen often in our lives. Are you watching for them? Do you get surprised by them? Do you mistake them for coincidences? Read on… I’ll tell you about my God winks experiences.

What are God Winks?

According to the dictionary, a God wink is:

“an event or personal experience, often identified as coincidence, so astonishing that it is seen as a sign of divine intervention.”

I first heard this term from my daughter-in-law’s mom when telling her about little “signs” I’d seen at the new church I was going to. She said, “Those are God winks!” I like that term much better than “what a coincidence.”

My First “God Wink” Sign

A tragedy in our family brought me back to church. My kid brother was killed suddenly in a motorcycle accident and grief counseling wasn’t helping. We decided to try the church where my daughter’s boss was an elder.

The sermon on our first ever visit to this church was about dealing with grief and loss through prayer and seeking God. Coincidence? No! I told my husband after church, “That was a sign from God that we’re in the right church.” My first God winks experience!

God Winks Again

Immediately after the last prayer, the worship team played a few lines from one of my favorite songs at the time, “My Church,” by Maren Morris. I sang out with the band, “Can I get a Hallelujah!”

I looked at my husband and said, ‘They’re playing my song!’ The band changed the words “I guess” to “MCC,” short for Morgantown Community Church, now renamed to Moving Communities to Christ.

On the way home I told my husband, “Two signs that we are in the right church! I can’t wait to go next Sunday!”

God winks man wearing t-shirt

My Third God Wink

Before the next Sunday, we bought a brand new Bible – big print for my aging eyes. A few weeks later my niece called to see if we wanted a record cabinet that was in my brother’s house.

We brought it home and before the next Sunday I looked in it and found my mother’s Bible. She’d marked the date in it when she bought it; it was four months before she passed away.

I decided I wanted to use my mom’s Bible at church. So that Sunday, I opened the Bible to the scripture we were studying that morning and saw – my mother had those verses underlined! Another coincidence? I think not! It was another sign that I was where God wanted me.

Still Another God Wink

The women at our church go on an annual retreat. We’d started at the church after the last annual retreat so I wasn’t sure if I wanted to go on the next one. I didn’t really know that many people and it was actually more money than we could afford at the time.

On the way home, I asked my husband to ask my kids if they would pay for it as a birthday present. If they would, then I would go. They did – and I went.

One of the games we played at the retreat ended with each of us having a small slip of paper with a Bible verse on it. The verse on the paper was in the NIV translation of the Bible but I wanted to see what it said in my King James Bible – my mother’s Bible.

I opened the Bible to that passage and – again – my mother had underlined it. That told me that God was saying, ‘I’m pleased that you decided to go on this retreat because this is where I want you.’

Many Coincidences are God Winks

We’ve had countless God winks since getting back to church and getting closer to The Lord. Some are subtle signs and some are mouth-dropping, but they’re all signs that you’re on God’s path for you.

Have you had God winks in your life? Share them below!

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