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Why Is Voting Important for Christians?

Why is voting important, especially for Christians? Voting is a right. Precisely, it is a privilege to vote. If you’re a patriotic, Christian American, you should definitely exercise that privilege. To understand its importance, it’s best to understand how it works.

Why Should Christians Vote?

The voting process is the means by which citizens exercise their rights and express their opinions on how they want their country managed. But voting has another purpose as well: it preserves and maximizes the freedom of those who have opposed systems that restrict civil liberties.

Voting helps to keep dictators from coming into power, for example, and helps those who are oppressed to overthrow such tyrants when they do gain power.

It might be said that voting determines whether we live in a dictatorship or, as in our United States, a Constitutional Republic. Do we want to live in poverty or prosperity, in war or peace, under oppression or freedom.

We may not believe in the current political system and its structure but we still have to participate in it because if we don’t then we will never change it.

Voting From a Christian Perspective

Some Christians may think that voting is not important for them. However, they need to remember that politics has a tremendous influence on their lives. When some laws are passed, they may allow the rights of some minorities or particular organizations to be threatened.


In order to protect those rights, Christians need to vote and they need to remember that their voice matters. This means even if you’re not a Christian, you need to send a message to your representatives that you care about the issues that are important to you.

Be Informed Before You Vote

Voting is a right that is granted to all citizens of the United States, and Christians are not exempted from this privilege. In order to exercise their right to vote, they need to be informed on why voting is important. Voting guides are available by Christian organizations so that Christians are better informed as they vote.

3 Reasons Why Voting is Important for Every Citizen

Here are three critical reasons why voting is so important:

1. Voting provides a way for citizens of the United States to show their interest in matters concerning public policy or in public officials elected by virtue of popular election.

2. Voting gives people a voice on what will happen in the future. It shows that people care about what happens to themselves and their country.

3. Voting makes it possible for individuals who would otherwise not have an opportunity for participation or involvement in governing decisions, at any level, from local school boards and water commissions all the way up to federal elections.

The way in which a voting system is implemented and the incentives that it creates can also have a significant impact on its success at engaging citizens in democratic practices.

How to Choose Your Political Candidate Based on Biblical Principles

The Bible contains the principles to help you choose your political candidate. It is important to go beyond the headlines and social media posts and instead make a decision based on your morals and beliefs.

Some of the more important issues that concern Christians are abortion, religious freedom, freedom of speech, crime, and self-defense. The Bible speaks to all of these issues.

One way to choose your candidate is by knowing what their morals and beliefs are, and if they’re a Christian themselves. If your prospective candidate believes the Bible and godly principles, they’re probably a safe bet to vote for.

Another way to find a candidate who is good on godly issues is to look at their voting record. A political candidate’s voting record can tell us a lot about how they will act in office. What issues they vote yeah or nay on will also determine their beliefs.

In the Bible, it’s clear that God cares about how we live and is concerned about the choices we make. You can and should, as a Christian, use biblical principles to help you choose your political candidate.

The Bible says that honoring God means making decisions based on His word — not party, not popular opinion, and not personal preference. So when we need to make decisions and we’re unsure what to do, it’s best to ask God for his guidance.

Ask God to help you make the best decision, even if it’s not the popular one. God is a part of your life and He wants you to live a fruitful, joyful life, governed by a leader with solid biblical principles.

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