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Politics and Christianity

You may be thinking, what do politics and Christianity even have in common? Should Christians actively participate in politics or vice versa? I’m here to say – Absolutely! It’s what our country and our Constitution were founded on, so politics and Christianity go hand in hand – as they should.

However, do so carefully…

When Politics and Christianity Clash

Oh yes, Christianity can definitely clash with politics, especially when Christians put more faith in their politicians than they do in the Lord. That is a bad thing.

For example, when former President Obama was running for office, some people said he was the savior. Some of those same people claimed to be Christians, yet they put more faith in a man, a politician than they did in Jesus. Who do you think is more powerful?

Christianity and Social Justice

Social justice is politics on steroids. “Political correctness” is nearly synonymous with social justice today. Yet you may find some Christians bowing to political correctness instead of bowing their heads to pray.

Everywhere you turn, political correctness worms its way into the core of social justice. It’s made its way into how we speak, what words we’re allowed to say, even when it doesn’t make any sense.

If it’s politically correct, it’s socially correct. And most of the time, being politically or socially correct goes directly against the Lord and Christianity.

In fact, Christians should never conform to political correctness or social justice as it goes against God’s teachings.

politics-and-christianity woman holding tote bag with I will not conform saying

Get this tote bag here!

Nobody has a “right” to not be offended. Period. Yet these social justice “warriors” will argue that till kingdom come. And when His Kingdom does come, which way do you think these SJWs will go?

Cultural Appropriation Run Amok

Things that were fun and popular to do back in the 50s, 60s, and even up to the 90s are today seen as “cultural appropriation.” Halloween costumes of cowboys and Indians? No, that’s politically incorrect and cultural appropriation.

“Black face?” This one is just too weird. What used to be “imitation is the sincerest form of flattery” is now seen as…Cultural Appropriation, a made-up social justice, politically correct phrase.

However, June being “pride month,” don’t these SJWs realize that using the Rainbow as a symbol of the gay rights crowd is “cultural appropriation” to the NTH degree?

The rainbow is GOD’S symbol; it represents HIS promise to man that floods would never again destroy all living things on the earth.

Politically Correct Speech

Today these SJWs, including many politicians who lean left, announce their “preferred pronouns.” Now how silly is that? Yes, there are very rare physical and medical conditions that preclude an individual of being either male or female.

That’s an anomaly. The entire social or political arena should not be completely upended for a very, very small group of people. Period.

Being Politically Incorrect as a Christian

I love being politically incorrect. Why? Because with how crazy some people are today with this political correctness and cultural appropriation bunk, being politically INcorrect means you’re speaking the truth, as God meant it to be.

When you think about it, being politically incorrect means you don’t have to remember all of these new words, phrases, pronouns, and “identity labels.” How many of you can actually list all of the SJW’s alleged genders today?

Or how many letters they’ve added to the LGBTQ-lmnop acronym? Who even knows what all those letters stand for? We conservatives like to call them “the Alphabet people” because it’s easier to say and remember than getting all of those letters right and in the correct order.

Remember – nobody has a “right” to not be offended.

Politics and Christianity – Wikipedia Gets It Wrong, Too

As they often do, actually. Anyway, they claim that “Politics is addressed directly or indirectly in several parts of the Bible.” That’s not exactly true.

The issues they mention and the Bible references cited were not “political” issues in the beginning. Society morphed them into political issues. With the left side of the aisle, everything must be politicized. If there isn’t a law on the books about some social justice or injustice, well, they have to make it political and make new laws.

And that’s when you must hold true to your beliefs. Yes, according to the Bible, God’s Word, Christians are to obey authority, until or unless it truly violates your “religious” beliefs. That, my friends, is in the Bill of Rights in the Constitution.

And because the Constitution and the Bill of Rights were founded on Judeo-Christian beliefs, TRUTH is founded on Biblical principles, not political or social justice half-truths or made up truths.

Politics and Christianity, when neither are subverted, are partners in truth; not “my” truth or “your” truth, but THE truth, according to God the Father.

What are your thoughts?

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