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When It Rains It Pours

It’s a well-known adage: “When it rains, it pours.” Unfortunately, it’s usually said when things seem to keep going wrong, one rotten incident after the other. Things seem to happen in clusters, too, and you’ll eventually hear someone blurt it out: When it rains, it pours.

When It Rains It Pours – On Our Cars

A good example is what we’ve been going through with our cars. First, the van breaks down. My husband fixed one thing and something else went wrong, then something else started making noise. At the same time, our truck needed fixing too. So he gets the truck fixed, and the van finally gives up.

We couldn’t go out and buy another car, so our daughter said we could use her old car that was parked out in our driveway. It needed a little work to get put back on the road too. No sooner did my husband fix it and get it on the road when he was in an accident with it and we had to have it towed home.

It didn’t stop there!

Eventually, we sold that little car and bought two older Subaru Foresters. Mine’s a 1999; my husband’s is a 2001 Sport model. Another accident in his car, and some mechanical problems with mine, neither car is in perfect shape right now.

Yes, in our house, when it rains it pours, especially when it comes to vehicles. It pours in family life, too.

Deaths in the Family

2017 was a bad year for us. The year literally started out – January 1 – with my little brother getting in a fatal motorcycle accident.

Spring 2017 and my grandson’s paternal grandmother passed away. Six weeks later his fiancé’s mother passed away and we ended the year, mid-December, with the funeral of my great aunt.

We swore off funerals for the following year. We just couldn’t take another one.

It happens to all of us

It’s just the nature of being human. Nobody’s life just rolls along without incident day after day. If they say it does, they’re lying. Period.

However, if you have the right protection during these storms, you can weather them a lot easier and with a lot less heartbreak than if you’re standing in the middle of it all without your gear.

How Do Christians Stay Happy During the Storms?

It’s so easy to get angry, disheartened, frustrated, and confused about why so many things keep happening at once. We can feel like we’re being punished for something unknown, and often hear people say, “Why me?

Some people seem to have one horrible thing happen after another after another and eventually they break. They’ll lose a job, lose a spouse, fights with their children or other family members.

The list goes on of unfortunate events. But when you see them, they’re still smiling and lending a hand to others they see as less fortunate.

Who Is Your Umbrella Against the Downpours?

And you might wonder, how do they do it? Why are they always so happy when I’m getting depressed and angry over what seems so small in comparison?

For me and my husband, getting closer to Jesus has really kept us sane. We could be letting everything get to us and start fighting over trivial things. Believe me, we went through that period some years ago, and even more so after my brother died.

And then we started going back to church. I asked our new friends in Christ to pray for me to get over my depression. I prayed to Jesus nearly without ceasing to get the images of my brother’s last hours out of my head and replace those with the memories of all of the good times, his laugh, his jokes and his hugs.

I needed a better umbrella to protect me from the downpours and I asked the Lord to provide that protection. He answered my prayers.

The incidents with the cars didn’t bother me like they would have. I didn’t get as frustrated or angry at what was happening as I would have a few years ago. It was like the rain just repelled while I stayed warm and dry in Jesus’ arms.

When It Rains It Pours-Let Jesus Be Your Umbrella

An umbrella is a shield, protection from rain. When Jesus is your umbrella, you are shielded from the rains of the devil and his demons, protected against evil.

Psalms 5:12 (NKJV) ” For You, O Lord, will bless the righteous; With favor You will surround him as with a shield.”

You will still experience some troubles; every Christian does. So it’s important to never close your umbrella. It needs to remain open every day, even indoors. What do I mean?

Don’t just worship on Sundays in church. Worship every day and pray every day, as much as you need to, to keep you on God’s path. Doing this keeps you protected against the most raging storms. You may get a little wet sometimes, but you will never be completely drenched as long as Jesus is your umbrella and you keep that umbrella open.

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