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Faith Can Move Mountains – Or Can It?

Yes, faith can move mountains! Mountains of worry, mountains of anxiety, mountains of fear, mountains of frustration… Whatever mountains you’re facing, faith in the Lord Jesus Christ and trusting in His will makes those mountains into molehills that you can walk right through.

Matthew 17:20 “Truly I tell you, if you have faith as small as a mustard seed, you can say to this mountain, ‘Move from here to there,’ and it will move. Nothing will be impossible for you.”

What Mountains are You Facing Today?

We’ve faced mountains of financial problems in the past. The Lord provided because we had faith that He would. And He still provides!

We’ve been facing mountains of car problems lately. We have two cars and one pickup truck. The newest vehicle is my husband’s car – a 2001 Subaru Forester. The truck is a 2000 Dodge Ram and mine is a 1999 Subaru Forester.

They’re oldies but goodies, these vehicles of ours!

My Car

Right now my car is sitting in the barn with the old engine sitting off to the side, and the “new” engine awaiting installation.

It had been sitting for almost two months with an overheating problem. My husband (thankfully Jesus sent me a Christian mechanic to marry!) checked the hoses, replaced the radiator cap, replaced the thermostat, and replaced the water pump. We took it for a test drive and what do you know? The temperature gauge rose straight up to HOT – again.

The radiator in the car was only a couple of years old, but as we all know, they just don’t make things like they used to. So he replaced that – again. And that still didn’t fix the problem.

We bought my car from a couple at church that had no need for it. It’s a fantastic little car and I’m praying that at my age, it’ll be the last car I have to buy.

The gentleman we bought it from brought us together and prayed over the car that Jesus led us to – or led to us. So getting rid of that little car over an overheating problem? Not an option. We just had to have faith that we’d eventually figure out what’s wrong with it. And we did, and it was cheaper to just put another engine in it than try to buy another car. She should be back on the road again within a month!

My Husband’s Car

My husband’s car got rear-ended and the entire liftgate is smashed up. He had clear plastic covering where the rear window was and quickly found an identical color and model in a nearby junkyard, so that part’s fixed. He still has the right rear light assembly taped in place though. He’s not quite sure what to do there, but I know he’ll figure it out.

when accidents happen image of our smashed car

Fortunately, the other driver’s insurance totaled it without making us give up the car or buy it back. We have clear title, not a reconstructed title. And, the insurance paid us more than what we paid for BOTH of our cars!

And the pickup truck?

Well, hubs didn’t have the hood completely latched and a gust of wind opened it up while he was driving and bent the hinges. He had it ratchet-strapped down and found solid hinges on another truck in the junkyard. So that problem was remedied fast!

Faith Can Move Mountains No Matter How Big or Small

Car problems no doubt sound trivial to someone who doesn’t have even one vehicle. It’s no big deal to someone who is homeless or facing a life-threatening illness or injury.

Car problems don’t hold a candle to grief over the loss of a loved one. Faith can move any and all of those mountains out of your way too!

Faith CAN Move Mountains If You Believe

If you’re facing what to you are mountains, it’s time to grab a cup of coffee, sit with your Bible and just pray. Prayers do work, contrary to what some secular people may believe.

faith can move mountains image of a coffee cup with the word Faith

This design also available on a Christian t-shirt!

What mountains are you facing?

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