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Does Your Christian Work-from-Home Business Please God?

Are you really pleasing God with your Christian work-from-home business? In other words, is Christ in your Christian business? Let’s look into this.

Do You Have to Be Poor to Be a Christian?

Does following Christ require one to live in abject poverty? More Christians are giving up the idea that they must suffer hardship in order to live a godly life. In fact, a lot of people are looking for Christian business opportunities to finance either their ministries or as a primary or supplementary source of income for any number of reasons.

Are All Christian Work-from-home Business Opportunities Godly?

Unfortunately, many neglect the value of sound economic judgment while looking for a genuine Christian business opportunity in the process. Additionally, con artists employ every trick in the book to draw such gullible people into their web of deception, which serves the interests of the con artist alone.

So what questions should you ask when looking into any Christian business opportunity?

Three Christian Work-from-home Business Questions to Ask Yourself

The sincere Christian can better decide whether or not to pursue a certain ‘Christian business opportunity’ by asking three precise questions.

1. Does the product or service honor Christ?

Believers adhere to two main commandments: (1) to love the Lord your God with all of your heart, mind, soul, and strength; (2) to love your neighbor as yourself.

The believer must not only have faith in his product but also believe that it glorifies Christ based on this these commandments. A list of particular products is meaningless since, in all honesty, the prospective business owner must make his decision based on his own discernment, conversation with other Christians, and comparison of the product with what the Bible says.

Naturally, the Bible won’t tell us whether or not to sell a particular item, but it will provide guidelines that a believer can use to aid in reasonable decision-making.

2. Do the product or service marketing strategies glorify Christ?

Can you perform your duties diligently and leave the company knowing that your production, marketing, or general sales practices do not clash with your personal beliefs? If so, you may have discovered a wonderful opportunity.

Also, you’ve found a potential Christian Work-from-home Business if you can introduce and sell your product to other believers. You’ve discovered a fantastic business opportunity if you can figure out how to use the business to honor God through your business’ products or services to make the world a better place.

3. Does the company conduct itself in a way that honors Christ?

Are there any areas that others, especially non-believers, could consider questionable, unethical, or even illegal? If so, are they?

If you have to act dishonestly in order to promote your business, you should think twice before claiming the Christian label associated with the Christian business opportunity.

But in order to keep your reputation for integrity intact, you must exercise extreme caution. Integrity is essential. The so-called “Christian” business opportunity ought to imitate Christ in both its operations and its output.

Make Sure the Christian Work-from-home Business Does Honor Christ

It is not necessary to sell Bibles door to door in order to join a Christian business opportunity or start a home-based business. When we claim to have discovered a fantastic “Christian” business opportunity, we must take into account exactly what the term “Christian” entails.

The title “Christian” used to denote a follower of Christ. Today, it often refers to anyone who holds a theistic worldview, regardless of their moral convictions or faith. We must return to the word’s original meaning. If someone professes to have a Christian business opportunity, he or she should ensure that it actually does honor Christ.

My Christian T-shirt Business

While the name of my business doesn’t have the word God, Lord or Christ in it, my products, my designs, reflect my personal beliefs. I do custom designs for those who ask; however, the design must be faith-based and not secular.

Yes, that may limit my sales and give me a slow start on getting my business profitable, but I have faith it will get there, if it’s in God’s will.

What are your thoughts? Do you have a Christian Work-from-home Business?

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