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Cute Tote Bags for Work

Are you looking for cute tote bags for work? We have ’em!

Thus the title of our business, “BeyondTshirts;” we go beyond Christian t-shirts since we make our designs available on items besides t-shirts, like tote bags!

These reusable bags are both practical and convenient for everyday use. When you add a design to them, they’re a great way to show and share your faith without having to utter a word.

You Can Use Cute Tote Bags for Work and Other Places

It doesn’t matter if you’re a guy or a gal, you can use them for lots of things. You can put a more “manly” design on your bag if you’re a guy who doesn’t want to appear too “feminine.”

7 More Popular Uses for Totes:

1. Going to the Beach? You Need a Tote Bag!

Canvas bags are great for hauling your beach towels, books, lotions, etc., to the shore. And all that sand? These totes are easy to clean after a day at the beach. When you get home, just toss them in the washer!

cute-tote-bags-for-work-beach scene

2. Cute Totes Make Adorable Reusable Grocery Bags

What a great way to share your faith while you’re shopping! Many grocery stores today sell their own reusable bags; however, some of them aren’t washing machine friendly.

If one of your items happens to leak or you spill something on it, you can toss our bags into the washer.

3. Going on a Sleepover? Use a Handy Tote Bag!

Totes make great overnight bags. And again, if any of your body wash or other liquid items happen to leak, just toss them in the washer for the next time you need it.

4. Love to Read? Cute Tote Bags to the Rescue!

Whether you take a favorite book or your Bible on your trips, toss them into your custom tote bag so you’ll have them on hand while waiting in a doctor’s office or any appointment.

If you go to your local library or book store regularly, keep a tote bag handy for bringing home the books you checked out.


5. Do You Share a Bathroom?

If you’re in college or any other type of “dorm” living situation, having your own tote bag makes it easy to carry your bathroom essentials from your room to the shower.

6. Short Trips with Babies? Reach for a Tote Bag!

Full-on diaper bags are essential for longer trips. But if you’re just heading out for an hour or so, toss your baby’s diapers, change of clothes, a bib, wipes, etc. into a tote bag instead.

7. Taking a College Course?

You may not need a big backpack for just one text book and corresponding notebook. Tote bags are a great alternative! And again, what a great way to share your faith with your fellow students by getting one of your favorite designs on one.

Cute Tote Bags for Work…Do Guys Use Tote Bags?

Of course they do! Not all of our designs are consider “cute.” That way the designs and totes are unisex. Guys, gals, you can all use a tote without worry, and share your faith at the same time!

What are your thoughts? Do you like tote bags?

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