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Funny Coffee Mugs for Work or Anywhere

Coffee mugs are coffee mugs, right? No! We have some funny coffee mugs for work that you can use anywhere. In fact, your favorite coffee mug may just be the one you always use at home and not at work. You may also have one specific mug for work and another favorite for home.

Funny Coffee Mugs for Work or Collectors

Some people – like me! – collect coffee mugs. I’m on a mission to collect one coffee mug from every state in the U.S. I really need a display case for all of my mugs. My most favorite ones are sitting out in the kitchen. But I have tons that right now just sit in a kitchen cabinet where no one can see them. Some have comical sayings on them, others don’t.

Are You a Coffee Connoisseur?

If you are, you may want a different mug for different blends of coffee. You may decide on a cup with a color that matches the taste or blend of your drink. You may choose one for your morning blend and a different one for your after-dinner coffee.

Funny Coffee Mugs are Great for Gift Giving!

My daughter adds to my collection at just about every holiday and/or birthday. If you have a die-cutting machine or sublimation ink printer, you can pick up some blank mugs at Dollar Tree and do your own designs for special, one-of-a-kind gifts.

One idea to turn a personalized coffee mug into a gift – simply add little snacks or drink mixes inside the mug and top it off with a gift card.

You can also knit or buy a knitted koozie to wrap around a gift mug.

mug with knit koozie

If your gift recipient doesn’t drink coffee, they could still use a mug. Lots of drinks are fantastic in mugs including tea and hot chocolate.

All of our Christian t-shirt designs are available on coffee mugs too! If you’re looking for a faith-based yet funny design for a mug for your Christian friends and family, here’s just one idea:


Do You Own a Business? Coffee Mugs are Great Promo Items!

Put your business logo on the mug and drop a couple of business cards inside. Set them on display tables at trade shows, enter them in raffles, whatever your idea for getting your business noticed.

white mug with business logo

I actually need to do this for my own business very soon!

What are your thoughts? Do you like giving coffee mugs for gifts or collecting them for yourself? We wanna know!

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