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5 Decorative Lantern Ideas for Your Home

Obviously, if you love them, there are more than six decorative lantern ideas to use for your home, as a gift, party decor accents, and more. Place one in the corner of your living room, hang it over your bed, put it in a glass case on your coffee table; there are myriad ways to use decorative lanterns!

Here are five ideas to get you started…

1. Add Natural Light Indoors

When decorating with indoor decorative lanterns, use natural light and candles as accents in your living room. A chic candle placed on a mantel adds a sophisticated look to any space. If you want more light but don’t want to permanently add lights indoors, consider using a battery-operated decorative lantern.


These lanterns have LED lighting that creates a warm glow without drawing power from your home’s electrical supply. You can also add a battery-powered tealight candle inside the lantern if it doesn’t come with a light.

2. Decorative Lanterns for Votive Candles

Candle lanterns are a great way to add ambiance and light while also adding decoration. Votive candles inside the lanterns are a convenient and inexpensive way to add and elegant touch to any room.

Battery-operated votive candle lanterns are also a good idea for weddings or other events where you want an elegant touch, but don’t want to use real candles because of the fire hazard.


You can also use them for decorative purposes. Put several candle lanterns in your home or office in a way that creates an interesting display of light and glass. Use outdoor candle lanterns in flower gardens as small ponds filled with colorful glass orbs. Lanterns work equally well inside or outside, so indoor decorative lantern ideas abound.

3. Light Up Your Decorative Lanterns

For a romantic and whimsical touch, use decorative lanterns for wedding decor or maybe a romantic anniversary dinner. They are an elegant way to add a touch of romance without compromising the natural beauty of your setting.

You can buy a string of small lights and tuck them down into the lantern. You can also pick up battery-operated flickering candles and place one in each lantern. Either of these options adds a little more class to the space where you put your lantern.

4. Decorative Lantern Ideas for Holiday Parties

Decorative lanterns are a great way for you to dress up your home for the holidays, or for any other time of the year! They’re perfect for decorating at Christmas time and making your home feel like a winter wonderland.


You can also use them for Halloween parties and have jack-o-lanterns hanging around the porch and in your yard. They’re also perfect for Thanksgiving dinner. If you have candles placed on the table, it will create an intimate setting where everyone can enjoy their food together with family and friends.


5. Additional Lighted Decorative Lantern Ideas

Lighting is one of the most important aspects of home décor. A decorative lantern is a beautiful way to add light while also decorating your space. Here are more ways you can use decorative lanterns for your wedding or any other special event:

  • Set up a candle-lit table for dinner with candles and decorations on top, including a decorative lantern in the center.
  • Create a focal point for dancing by hanging two or three lanterns from the ceiling.
  • Hang decorative lanterns from trees outside for an outdoor party.
  • Fill small decorative lanterns with flowers and put them at each table setting as a centerpiece.
  • Use large decorative lanterns to divide sections of your wedding such as the dance floor area or food stations.
  • Place a decorative lantern on each dinner table for a romantic feel.

Do you love lanterns? What are more ideas on how to use them?

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