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Why Is Voting Important for Christians?


Why is voting important, especially for Christians? Voting is a right. Precisely, it is a privilege to vote. If you’re a patriotic, Christian American, you should definitely exercise that privilege. To understand its importance, it’s best to understand how it works. Why Should Christians Vote? The voting process is the means by which citizens exercise … Read more

How to Count Your Blessings


Do you know how to count your blessings? Counting your blessings is a gratitude process – thanking the Good Lord for everything in your life, even during the bad times. How to Count Your Blessings: Recognize and Appreciate Your Life Recognizing and appreciating the positive aspects of your life is the essence of gratitude. Though … Read more

What Do “Progressive” Christians Believe? 9 Beliefs That Go Against God’s Word


Have you ever wondered what do “progressive” Christians believe? Have you thought about how to rebut or refute their beliefs using the Word of God? The term “Christian” often refers to followers of Jesus Christ. But what do people mean when they use the term “progressive Christian”? What Is a Progressive Christian? The label “progressive … Read more